Samples - Try Our Handmade Sauces

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit


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Try full-size samples of our entire line of handmade products! If you are a new customer you will be supplied with pricing information along with your sauces. Your package will include:

  • (1) Hoff Sauce - 6.7oz glass flask - MSRP $10/bottle
  • (1) Mean Green - 6.7ozglass flask - MSRP $10/bottle
  • (1) Smoken Ghost - 6.7oz glass flask - MSRP $10/bottle
  • (1) Hoff BBQ Sauce - 16oz glass bottle - MSRP $10/bottle
  • (1) Dirty Dust 2.1oz glass bottle - MSRP $10/bottle
  • (1) Wake Up Call 12oz glass bottle - MSRP $15/bottle



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