Rewards Program

Being part of the Hoff & Pepper family is now even better with Hoff Rewards!

Here's how it works...

Earning Rewards Points

1. Login to your wholesale account and make a purchase.

2. For every $1 you spend you'll receive 3 points.

3. Every 100 points = $1 off your next order!

You can check your points balance at any time by clicking on the rewards gift box in the lower left of your screen and redeeming your points is quick and easy. 

Redeeming Your Rewards Points

1. Open the rewards box in the lower left of your screen.


2. Click the "Ways to Redeem."


3. Select the "Redeem" option.


4. Use the slider to select how many points you wish to redeem (in multiples of 100).


5. Click "Redeem" and your unique code with be generated on the screen.


6. Click "Apply Now" and the discount will be auto-applied to your cart.

Note: Your code is saved to your rewards profile and also sent to you via email if you wish to use the code on a separate order.

It's just that easy!


New Referral Bonuses!

We know the importance of building strong relationships with fellow business owners and if you know a retailer or restaurant that is missing out on Hoff, send 'em our way and we'll reward you and them!

Here's how it works...

1. Login into your account and open the rewards box in the lower left of your screen.

2. Scroll down to see your unique referral URL.


3. You can copy and paste the link elsewhere or just click the "email" option.

4. Here you can enter their email and include a personalized message if you like.


5. Hit "send" and they'll be sent an email with your message and a link to our site.

6. Once the create an account, they'll get a unique code for 10% off their first order (minimum purchase $40.00).

7. As soon as they make their first purchase, you'll get a unique code for $50 off your next order!

With your help, we can be another step closer to our goal of making every meal taste amazing!